Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where do they Rank?

Looking for a new market?  Found a partner who says Vietnam (or Chile, South Africa, Morocco or Argentina) is the place to be?  Before you press ahead add to your research
the World Bank “Doing Business Survey” for 2010. (

This survey of 183 countries ranks countries in eleven categories including ease of doing business there, protecting investors, enforcement of contracts and trading across borders.  Singapore ranks # 1 in the Ease of Doing Business category indicating that the regulatory environment in the country is conducive to operating a business. Where does the U.S. rank?  It comes in at #4.  The most difficult place?  Central African Republic listed as  #183. 

(Greece, the country most in the news this week appears as 109 in the Ease of Doing business and 154 in Protecting Investors.)

Before you pack your bags or send investment dollars flying across the world, check out the survey.  The rankings may be enlightening. 

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