Monday, March 15, 2021

Forget the New Normal














As more people receive their vaccinations there seems to be a sense that  they are magic shots that will take us back to 2019 – a familiar time with well-known rhythms, ways of doing things. 


I submit to you that it’s time to change our vision – not to look backwards.  Let’s be realistic. We’re not going back.  Corvid’s here to stay (like the flu).  Look forward.  Let’s talk about PV (Post Vaccination) or NN (New Now) or New Time (NT) or whatever forward thinking label you wish to create.


Let’s take  advantage of all that we’ve learned (who knew what ‘You’re on mute” meant a year ago?) --- that remote work could be difficult/easy/productive/and not – that we could pivot, learn, adapt, suffer, care for each other, play bingo on Zoom, talk to long lost colleagues and more? 


Let’s figure out our new passports, what it means to be working in hybrid model, figure out how to support each other as we create new patterns, new ways to travel, new ways to keep each other safe.  Let’s look for the joy that surely will come if we pay attention and bring our energy to creating what comes next.