Sunday, May 23, 2010

What date is the National Day, Marathon, Election?

Heading to Berlin or Bhutan, Sydney or South Africa?  Want to know when there’s a trade show, election, marathon or national day at your destination?   The Bank Holidays site ( can answer your questions. 

A quick search told me that there are elections October 3, 2010 in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Bosnia & Herzegovina.  September 26 the Grand Sumo tournament will take place in Japan and there’s a marathon to run in Budapest.    Plus, national day celebrations will occur October 1 in China and Nigeria, October 3 in German and the 27th in Turkmenistan. 

The site says their lists cover all the countries of the world and a quick scroll through the countries and regions lists places big and small on all the continents of the planet.  You can choose to search the site in any of 16 different languages. The information on is free for the current year but there is a fee for the range of 2000 to 2070.   It's fascinating to see how many events, elections, trade shows, celebrations take place throughout our world month by month, day by day.    Before you make  reservations for that trip whether  business or pleasure - find out what's happening at your destination.  You'll want to know before you go.

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