Sunday, August 23, 2015

Elections, lots and lots of elections

If you live in the US you know without a doubt you know that there will be a Presidential election in November 2016 – 15 months from now. You’ve been bombarded by information about the election for months and months already.

You may also be aware that our neighbor to the North, our largest trading partner, Canada will hold an election in approximately seven weeks.  Announced just days ago the results will matter for all of us.  Yet that news doesn’t make headlines here.

 More likely you’ve heard that there will be an election in Greece in slightly less than thirty days.  That does make headlines these days.

It’s easy to think these are the only national upcoming elections in the next few months.  But that’s not correct.

While the US press is focused on the statements, some sensible, some crazy of potential US candidates for an election 15 months away, more than a dozen countries, near and far, trading partners, potentially important markets will hold election that whose outcome will make a difference for all of us.  Keep an eye out for the results of general, parliamentary and presidential elections in the reminder of 2015 in Egypt, Turkey, Venezuela, Guatemala, Belarus, Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire to name just a few. 

Do a search.  Check it out.  See what’s happening around the world.  Who will the leaders be?  And wherever you are, if it there’s an opportunity, don’t forget to vote.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Newest Mini Bar

Packing for a trip can be stressful.  What to take?  What’s enough?  Too much?  How to be sure the bag isn’t too big to fit in an overhead or too heavy to get on the plane?

To find guidance, answers to these questions travelers are offered are dozens of lists on line and even more books to read.  On Amazon one can find pages of possibilities ranging from “The Secrets of the Carry on Traveler “ to  “A Guy’s Guide to One Bag Packing” and more.

But we all know that no matter how careful we are it’s easy to arrive at our destination and be missing something.  The weather changed and we need something warmer or cooler.  The shoes aren’t quite right.  The wrinkles won’t come out of the shirt or skirt.

Worry less now for there is a solution appearing at hotels across Europe.  It’s the Mini Fashion Bar. (   In this Mini Bar there are no liquids or snacks to tempt you. 
Rather the temptation appears in the form of clothes, accessories or shoes. 

Pimkie the French fashion and retail brand ( is partnering with boutique hotels to offer solutions to travelers’ fashion emergencies. There’s even a concierge to help you find the correct size if what’s in your room isn’t a perfect fit.   Now available in Brussels and Amsterdam, Mini Fashion Bars will soon be found in Barcelona, Paris, Milan and London.

What will we find next in that space reserved for a Mini Bar?