Sunday, May 2, 2010

Remember the Trains

It’s not just planes and boats that move goods (and people).  It’s time to remember roads and rail.  In the aftermath of the disruption caused by the eruption of Iceland’s volcano its easy to focus on connections dependant on air travel.   At the same time the news was filled with images of travelers sleeping in airports I came across two articles that reminded me, it's not just planes that matter today and tomorrow, next year.

According to a report by Mike Flanagan of Clothesources, ( UK provider of global sourcing intelligence presented in WGSN (  there is the “prospect of viable overland freight links between Europe and East Asia”.  He goes on to say transit times between China and Germany could be less than two weeks. 

In an article "New Silk Roads" in the April 10, 2010 edition, the Economist (  reported that China’s rail ministry projects  travel from Shanghai to London in 2025 will take just 2 days.

Roads, trains and of course planes connect us for business and pleasure.  Don’t think about one without remembering the others.  As you plan, ask yourself, what’s coming and what that may mean for trade, travel and your business.

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