Monday, August 1, 2022

Is 10:00 am for Me Midnight for You?

Months ago, I wrote a blog post about how to find time for meetings that involve people in different time zones.    Today, I’m writing about that same subject because it presents a challenge for many people.

In the last two weeks I’ve had to schedule zoom meetings with colleagues in London, Berlin, Washington, DC, Tokyo and Los Angeles. As usual the question was what times would be practical for everyone? – making sure no one has to jump on a call at 6 am or midnight their time?    LA – easy, I’m in California too.  Same time zone.  For the other places there’s still the question – how to be sure that asking for a meeting at 10:00 am was a reasonable time for call someplace else. 


My answer is still the same:  go to the Meeting Planner page on the site Time and Date.   

 Meeting Planner link

Thanks to their pull-down list of cities around the world I can quickly find the ones where my colleagues are located, fill in the date and in a flash, it tells me that my 10 am is 1 pm in Washington, DC and 3 am in Tokyo.  Need compare the times (and days) 1 city, or many that’s easy too.  Just add more cities to your list.  


As we expand our reach beyond our local time zone, this site makes it easy to know what time to suggest for a meeting across the world.   People will appreciate that you pay attention to what works for them too.