Monday, November 2, 2020

The Return of the Handwritten Note


Handwritten notes.  Mailed “snail mail”.  As old fashioned as the quill pen and ink?  Maybe not.


I’m hearing that they are becoming fashionable, valuable, useful again.  When everyone’s online mailbox is full to overflowing – your note, even one to say thank you for your business/friendship/assistance/referral may not be seen.


But a handwritten note, received in the mail?   That stands out.  Making something old (a handwritten note) new again.   Stand out from the crowd.


Take a quick read through the article from the Jobber Academy – complete with templates to inspire you.  Jobber Academy


Buy stamps from the US Post Office (US Post Office ), note cards from Paper Source or Target ( and start writing.  Surprise people.   Let them know you think they are worth more than a quick e-mail.