Monday, March 31, 2008

Remember to Check In

Since when was checking in on line required rather than suggested? I missed the memo but now I know. Didn’t check in on line for Air France 1:20 pm flight to Florence? Take the 8 pm flight to Pisa and then go by taxi to Florence. Arrived at the airport two plus hours plus before the flight (generally the first time one can check in for a flight in Europe) but no, not good enough. Flight sold out and so are other the others through the day. Don’t argue. Go to Pisa. The next flight? Rome to Milan seven days from now. You can believe I’ll check in on line – at least 24 hours in advance and then keep my fingers crossed. Hassle? Surely but at least I’m missing Heathrow this trip.

Is the World Watching (continued)

Is it the endorsement of senators or the words of the daughters that count? If you read Le Figuaro (, a few days ago you’d have found, below the fold, the lead into the was the story of the daughters, Chelsea (Clinton) and Meghan(McCain) and their participation in campaigns of their mother and father. Read the International Herald Tribune ( and above the fold on the right there’s a story of Pennsylvania senator Bob Casey’s endorsement of Barack Obama. Which to feature? Family or political friends? Different views of the US election but either way the on-going contest makes news at home and abroad.

Is the World Watching?

Just as I was thinking how peaceful it was not to see photos of the candidates, headlines about who just made what mistake, when I spotted John McCain’s smiling face. This time on the front page of Le Figaro, ( one of the daily French newspapers. John McCain, The Rebel who Dreams of the White House, was the headline next to a picture of McCain shaking hands (warmly says the article) with Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France. It’s a reminder that the upcoming election is important beyond the borders of the US. News of the candidates may not make the front page daily (McCain did Monday but no candidate appeared on Tuesday). However, if you want to see daily news of the US election run up, check daily in LeFigaro’s blog Route 44. (

Monday, March 24, 2008

Why Are the Stores Closed?

You remembered your passport but forgot to check the dates of holidays? Stores are closed and no one can meet with you? Or you planned your trip, checked holidays but forgot to ask: Do businesses close for one day or three? A week?

There’s nothing as quiet as Paris Easter Monday. Streets are empty. A few restaurants and shops are open but a vibrant city is as quiet as downtown Los Angeles or Houston on a Sunday afternoon. Don’t waste your time and energy. Make part of your planning a holiday search. Check
before you book a flight.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Thinking about the World?

Wondering what’s going on in the world? Check out two blogs in the International Herald Tribune ( Daniel Altman blogs about Globalization ( and Roger Cohen blogs under the heading Passages (,
Another view of the world. Agree or disagree, both blogs are thoughtful and stimulating. Check them out.