Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time to Recharge?

Headed to a new destination? Outside the country? You know how to prepare. You call your credit card companies and the bank with your ATM card so you can buy things, get cash without a problem. You copy your passport, scan it into your computer, leave your itinerary with your office, your family.
You figure out which adapters you’ll need to recharge your phone, computer, and whatever other devices you’ll bring. You’re ready to go. But surprises happen.

If you’re accustomed to flying direct from one place to another its easy to forget to check the adapters required when you connect through a third country. Then you may find yourself as I did in the airport lounge at 4:30 AM with every intention of recharging my phone, plugging in my computer except my adapters didn’t work. I was going from LA to Hong Kong, then to Dongguan with adapters for Hong Kong and for China. But none for the airport lounge in Manila. Surprise. Lesson learned. Check, double check and ask yourself, am I prepared for everywhere I’ll be spending time? And remember even when the schedule predicts a two hour stop with just enough time to eat and find the gate can easily turn into 4 plus hours on the ground - Lots of time to recharge - or not.

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