Saturday, March 28, 2009

Business Travel A Special Experience

No matter how exciting it is to be in a new city, or return to one that is familiar, travel is tiring. For me, it isn’t the big issues that sap my energy (the presentation, the meetings) rather its learning to turn on the light in yet another hotel room, discovering there are no drawers in your room, the light isn’t bright enough to read large pint much less the small print on your blackberry. Keeping your sense of perspective and humor are the real challenges of business travel. Where’s the subway, will it rain, how do I find an International Herald Tribune or an open network so I can download the New York Times ( my Kindle? These are the practical questions that are part of our travel experience – It is finding the answers to these simple questions that seem challenge , consuming unexpected amounts of energy. What keeps us (me) going? I think it’s that on days that work well we remember to take a breath, look around, be happy that we can make the trip. Then we go home enriched by the experience, the people we’ve met but also thankful for the return to the ease of familiar daily routines.

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