Sunday, March 22, 2009

Paris today

Paris. The city of lights, cheese (so many choices its hard to imagine), wine, food, fashion, art. ( In just two days I’ve sampled almost a dozen types of cheese and plan to continue my research, looking for a favorite.

But it isn’t just a city of food, wine and museums, good friends. It’s a place where people work and the people that I’ve talked with sound familiar when they speak about their work. Some are managing a variety of jobs simultaneously. Mix several part time spots and full time becomes 24/7. Others are seeing orders for a part of their product line slip away and having to reduce the hours of their staff to keep them employed.

Our global business community shares the problems of today. There's some good news (still in business) and more challenges (how to grow, stay in place, continue). It appears that wherever we are, we are connected in good times and less good times.

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