Sunday, August 31, 2008

Convenience or Curse?

The sign says the bank’s now open on Sunday. The ad points out that our lives are “hectic and full” and to make things easier the bank will now be open 10 to 4 on Sunday so you “can bank when it fits your schedule”. Convenience? Absolutely. Adds flexibility to how you plan your week. The cleaners, the drug store, the outdoor market and an open bank (not just an ATM) all together, all there open on Sunday. Lovely.
Or not so lovely? A curse, a complication? Yes that too. One more option so that we can add something else to our schedules, filling in that now open space we used to save for the bank. Another task that we can fit in on the run. Already obsessed with tasks, time and schedules. Sometimes its good NOT to be able to do something. To think about sitting for a few minutes, having a conversation, staring at the sky, even watching a silly TV movie.
Americans are the clock watchers, busy schedule, rush around people of the world. We focus on getting things done rather than connecting with people. Now we can rush to the bank on Sunday instead of having a conversation with someone, sitting, thinking, doing nothing. Convenience or curse? Yes, it is.

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