Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Thank heavens you can fly the day before your meeting. What a luxury, not to take a 5 AM flight, rush from the airport to a conference room and start a presentation. This time it's fly, go to the hotel, have dinner, get some sleep. Start the day where you need to be.. It’s perfect except when its not. For one woman who recently flew across the country for a critical meeting, comfortably wearing her pretty pink sweats it wasn't perfect at all.

She looked great in her pink sweats– for flying, for a coffee at Starbucks, cheering for her children at a soccer game. But pretty pink doesn’t work for a morning meeting with a client to impress. That’s what she faced. She got to her destination but her luggage didn’t. No luggage at the airport. No luggage delivered to the hotel that night. No suit for the meeting.

Don’t let lost luggage lose the deal for you. Always travel in something that can be go to a meeting. Maybe not your best suit but something that will allow you to make a joke about lost luggage while still looking professional. Everyone understands lost luggage but they don’t get pretty in pink.

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