Sunday, August 3, 2014

Which country is the most productive?

Work less and get more done? Can it be true that countries with laws limiting hours worked and when employees can receive email be ranked as more productive than US with a 24/7 on line all the time business culture?  

According to an article written by Jessica Stillman for Inc. magazine it’s true. 

PGi, a tech collaboration company ( worked with the OECD (, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to present data ranking countries based on the relationship between GDP and hours worked.  To see the infographic of their report click on the link:  /

You’ll quickly see that employees in South Korea, Mexico and Greece work the most hours in a year – clocking in at close to 2500 hours per year.  Germany and France with their 35 hour work week put in 1500 hours.  The US?  It’s  average at about 1800 hours per person, per year.  Notwithstanding so many fewer hours worked, Germany and France rank as the most productive with Mexico and South Korea the least.  

Good to know.  Work less.  Be more productive.  Something to consider.

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