Sunday, August 17, 2014

Food from Home: Local and Global

When I saw an article about Domino’s new spicy banana pizza I thought - now here's a new version of  from food from home.

As they expand in India Domino's is expanding and revising their menu with, among other items, Spicy Banana pizza.  A new American version of an Italian dish –with flavors (green bananas, chilis) selected to reflect the preferences of a client in Indian.  

Suddenly we have a dish that is global and local.  Is this a new food category:  Glocal?

Adapting menus to local tastes isn’t new for Dominos nor is it the only restaurant group that has revised its menu as it expanded.  McDonald’s has the McVeggie burger in India and Teriyaki burgers in Japan. Dunkin Donuts in India opened with the Mango Donut and a jerk cottage cheese ciabatta sandwich.

Next time you’re in a new place, in addition to trying iconic food of the locale, search out the local interpretation of food from your home.  Discover what flavors, textures, colors or shapes make your home town food appeal to the local population.   Discover Glocal food.

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