Sunday, August 24, 2014

Which Country is For You?

Earlier this year Rachel Gillott of Fast Company wrote an article “What is the Best Country in the World to Work”

Drawing from statistics from the OECD she tells us that Israel ranks high for being home to Innovative Companies. That Scandinavian countries “top the charts in categories like life satisfaction and work-life balance, and they fare pretty well in the health category as well”.

Wondering where your dream country might be?  Take a look at the OECD Better Life Index.  It covers 36 countries including Australia, Chile, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the United States.

Not only can you see the results of their analysis of data collected but also you can create your own index.  Log on and rank eleven topics including jobs, income, health, education and work-life balance and then run the numbers.
What country may be the perfect place for you? 

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