Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where Does Your Country Rank?

This week The Globalist posted a quiz asking the question:  which emerging economies have the most corruption in the public section?  They gave the reader four choices:  China, Russia, India, Brazil.  The four original members of the BRICS (the “S” South Africa wasn’t included.).    The answer?  Russia not, as you might have expected, China.

The source for their answer?  Transparency International’s 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index.  Their 2012 report ranking 176 countries was the 17th annual report.  They began in 1995 reporting on only 45 countries.   Check out their site ( to see the full results presented as a table and as a map of the world color coded to show levels of perceived corruption.  Sunshine yellow for the “cleanest”, dark maroon, almost brown, for the ones at the bottom of the scale.

Wondering which are the seen as the least corrupt?  Denmark, New Zealand and Finland tied at as the best, seen as having the least public sector corruption. The BRICS ranking?  Brazil and South Africa 69, China 80 and India 94 with Russia far behind at 133.  The GUTS countries?  Germany 13, US 19, South Korea 45 and Turkey 54.   At the bottom are Afghanistan, North Korea, Somalia tied at 174.  

It’s an interesting way to view the world.   What country will you visit next and where is it ranked?

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