Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Food is From Where?

A common food question today in the market, at a restaurant, dinner at the home of a friend is “Where’s it from”?  A question not about the country of origin of the food as in the place it was first found rather the question seems to be:  How close to home (our home) was the farm, the ranch?  Did those blueberries come from Chile or California?  The kiwi from New Zealand?  Beef from Japan, Texas or Central California ?  From a farmer or ranch within driving distance from our city? We want our food to be fresh and fresh means local.
However, If your curiosity goes beyond the travel time from source to your table, you may enjoy reading something about the history of foods. If so check out the History Kitchen a website (complete with receipes) and a companion blog.  You can read the history of Nutella and sushi plus learn about what Thomas Jefferson ate.  (  What shall I eat and where's it from?


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