Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Forward: What Time Is It?

Today, March 10, if you live in the United States and most of Canada time changed.  It is the beginning of  the annual move to Daylight Savings Time.  It was the time to “Spring Forward” which really means move your clocks ahead one hour.  Now it will be dark longer in the morning but it will be light longer at the end of the day - until we “Fall Back” on November 3.  

This change of time isn’t only a North American ritual.  Clocks Spring Forward and Fall Back in places throughout the world.    In Europe time changes  moving to "Summer Time" the last Sunday in March.  In Brazil it’s the third Sunday in October, Honduras changes May 7 and in Namibia it’s the first Sunday in September.  For a list of countries that do (or don’t) make the shift look at the Web Exhibits Daylight Savings Time Overview (

Over the next few weeks, whenever I plan to call outside the US,  I will certainly need to verify what time it is wherever I’m calling and for that I’ll use  the site -  Time and Date (  Their timetables and meeting planner functions are invaluable as we Spring Forward, Fall Back or Stay in Place.

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