Sunday, January 11, 2009

Traveling to a Global City?

Business or pleasure taking you to a new destination? If your travels will take you to one of the cities on the list of Gobal Cities created by Foreign Policy ( then check out the International Herald Tribunes Globespotter’s blog ( The entries are written by the paper’s reporters and editors and expanded by comments from readers. The only limitation is that there are only a dozen cities covered but those included are like to make your travel list. They incude, but aren't limited to: London, Paris, Hong Kong, Frankfort, Istanbul and Bangkok.

There are two components to the Globespotters section. One is a blog that brings you current insightful information about a city. In Berlin for Thanksgiving? Read the entry and you’ll know where to shop for the makings of a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner or which restaurant will be serving that special meal. A free Sunday in Madrid and wonder if there’s a flea market to explore? Click on the section on Madrid and you’ll find it.

The other piece is simply called " Travel Advice" will help you figure out how to get from the airport to your hotel, what to tip and where to find good wireless access.

With just a few minutes reading you’ll find some very useful information that can help smooth your first visit to a new city.

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