Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cities, the places where we live and work have unique personalities, energy. We each have our favorite places - to live, to vacation or do business. Most of us have a list of places we want to explore. We categorize them as big or small, relaxed or frenetic. Now Foreign Policy ( magazine gives us another designation, Global Cities.

In their November/December 2008 edition the magazine published the first index of The World’s 60 Most Global Cities. Created in collaboration with AT Kearney ( and The Chicago Council on Global Affairs ( the index ranked cities in five categories: Political Engagement, Cultural Experience, Information Exchange, Human Capital and Business Activity. From their perspective Global Cities serve as hubs for global integration not just in terms of economic links but through political and cultural activities as well. It’s people as well as products and process that shape our world living in cities they make alive, exciting and global.

The index leads off with the first three spots filled by New York, London and Paris and moves around the globe ending with Bangalore, Chongqing and Kolkata. In addition to the overall ranking and showing a city's rank in each category, it also tells us the Best City to be a Diplomat (Washington), to Get Some Culture (London), To Do Business (New York). Find your city and see where it ranks and tell us do you agree? My favorite cities (to date) are on the list. Are yours?

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