Saturday, January 31, 2009

Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration and Networking

How do you find what you need to know, or want to know? How many Google searches can do? How many visits to Wikipedia? A new source to add to your choices for interesting articles written by interesting people is Insightory ( I love the idea that it combines insights and stories and am happy to share my articles on the site.

Insightory says it is about Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration and Networking. The people whose work is included are all authors of books to discover. There lots of knowledge to share, collaboration and networking will evolve. You can contact all the people who have work on the site so it's an opportunity for everyone who visits to make new connections.

To get an idea of what's available take a look at recent posts. You’ll find articles and excerpts from speeches that include titles as varied as Teens and the Internet, Brand Archetypes, Fly High with Twitter and HR Leadership in Difficult Economic Times. Take a few minutes and explore what people are thinking, speaking and writing about. A new source with information. See if there's something useful for you. 

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