Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cell Phone News

We worry about having the latest Blackberry, are anxious to see the next version of the I-phone. We forget that making a call is small miracle. A privilege that makes our lives easier, more fun, even though on some days, more stressful.
But in Uganda a phone is new, exciting, not easily available. Thanks to Motorola it also represents an entrepreneurial opportunity. Check out the May 22 Springwise ( the newsletter of “new business ideas for entrepreneurial minds” and read the article “Solar powered cell phone kiosks for Ugandan women.” Solar powered cell phones are giving women the tool to create a business, an income, potentially a better life. This is a Motorola ( program managed, through their Motopower initiative. New business for Motorola, new connections for people in Uganda. A plus for all.
The world is connecting. Amazing things are happening all the time. Unknown to most of us small steps occur creating new ways of connecting, new entrepreneurs, new possibilites. Do you know something good that’s happening? Share it with us. Tell the world!

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