Sunday, May 11, 2008

History does make a difference

In our rush to look forward, stay current, catch the next trend we may miss the importance of what went before. History influences today’s actions. A visit to Vilnius, Lithuania ( a tour of the KGB museum, listening to conversations about attitudes toward work in Lithuania today reminded me that history counts. Lithuania is a country new (2004) to the European Union (, filled with energy and possibility but some days limited by old ways of thinking, conducting business. Moving from a command economy to a free market, is not easy, nor quick. It takes time to shake off old patterns. Check the history of a country and gain some insights to what happens today.

Sources for quick look at a country’s history? CultureGrams. Order all 201 countries or only $4.00 the report for the specific country that interests you. Each report includes much more than history. Or search Wikipedia ( Two sources of many. Either way, remember to look back even as you look forward.

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