Saturday, May 10, 2008

Too Many Books, Too Little Time

Tired of ordering great, must read books from Amazon ( only to pile them up in a corner unread? Feel as though you’re missing what’s current? A solution to that problem is to sign up for Business Book Reviews. ( At the site you’ll find an extensive selection of books in a condensed form ranging from 100 word introductions of 8 to 10 pages. Pay a small fee, download what interests you.

Looking for what’s new in books on Global Business? You’ll find over two dozen possibilities to choose from. Looking for Business Strategy, Social Responsibility, Economics? An assortment of categories, lots of choices in each one.

Speaking as an author with two books included in their Global Business selection (World Wise What to Know Before You Go and Working with Americans) I know the summaries you’ll receive are true to the original book. You’ll get the point of the book, the highlights and then you can decide if you want to to read the full version, add it to your collection.

It’s unlikely that there will ever be enough time to read everything, but this site can help you keep up with new thinking and writing in your field. Check it out.

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