Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Presidential Elections - Not Just in the US

If you live here in the United States you are most likely counting the days until the election is over.  Many of us are exhausted by debates, mail, and television ads.   It seems we’ve been enduring the build up to this election for four years. President Obama was elected, inaugurated and minutes later the primary battles began.  But we’re almost done and then we can take a break, recover from Presidential Election Fatigue.

But we can’t ignore Presidential elections just because the cycle has ended in the US. It isn’t the only country in the world that will elect a president before the end of 2016.  Between now and year’s end almost a dozen countries will elect presidents.   If we look carefully (and with some effort) we’ll be able to find election results from Moldova, Bulgaria, Ghana, Gabon and Austria.  

Next year will bring more.  Two are already making news in the US  – Iran and France and there will be others including Honduras and Rwanda.

Let’s not let our wish to be finished with Presidential elections lead us to ignore what’s happening around the world.  Let’s celebrate democratic elections wherever they are and learn how their leaders will connect with ours.

Vote November 8 – then take a break – and refreshed, come back with eyes on voters and elections around the world. 

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