Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Chocolate Calms the Traveler

Traveling at this time of year can add to the stress of the holiday season.  Full flights, full airports, delays and weather can take the fun out of the adventure.  But the stress we feel during a turbulent flight can be even worse.  How to cope?  AFAR magazine recently posted an article How to Find Your Chill on a Turbulent Flight

One of their suggestions?  A bit of chocolate placed on your tongue.  Calming they say.   My remedy – besides grabbing the armrest and maybe the person next to me?  A few salty chips or crisps as some friends call them.

Whatever your approach to coping with a bouncing flight may be useful even when the flight is calm but the travel hasn’t been.  Chocolate, chips, podcasts, music and meditation all may provide a moment of respite,  making your trip a happier experience.   Let us know what works for you.

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