Sunday, March 1, 2015

What's for dinner?

Where will we/should we eat?  Is often a serious question raised by travelers whether the trip is for business or pleasure.  What’s the most famous local food and am I likely to enjoy?  What’s the ‘hot” restaurant?  

Traveler writers tell us that to get the local feel of a place we should eat where the locals eat.   Which locals?  The cab driver that takes you from the airport to hotel or the concierge at your hotel?  Everyone has an opinion, a recommendation.  Check the websites, read the magazines, talk to friends and you’ll have more places to go than you have nights in a city.

But when the trip is business - hectic, meeting filled business,  sometimes the only meal you want is the one delivered to you by room service.  And when that’s the answer what do we eat?  And does our choice have anything to do with where we are? 

Sara Rose, a writer for the Wall St. Journal explored that question.  To do that she interviewed a vice president of food and beverage for the Four Seasons Hotel chain.  (According to the articles they have 95 hotels in 39 countries).  What today’s traveler wants he said is “comfort food”.  How that’s defined differs from place to place.  Burgers (Silicon Valley), Club Sandwiches (Beirut) and Hainanese Chicken Rice (Hangzhou) are top sellers in their locations.

What would your choice be? 

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