Sunday, March 8, 2015

Starting the Day

Throughout our lives, from the time we are young children, we are told, and “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”   “Be sure to eat a good breakfast every day.”  But what is a good breakfast?

Bacon and eggs?  Coffee and a croissant?  Cheese, ham and bread?  Porridge and pickled vegetables?

A recent article by InterNations, ( a community for expats around the world published an article on just this topic.  Titled “Forget Bacon:  Breakfast Abroad”

 The writer pointed out what many of us know well – that for the first meal of the day we often prefer something familiar.  It’s not the time we’re most eager to explore the local cuisine in a new place. 

If coffee is our drink we hope to find it in a familiar form.  Even though you might find interesting local coffee in Turkey, Ethiopia or Mexico (with a bit o cinnamon) often North American travelers turn to Starbuck’s, if ones available, for that familiar taste.

As I’m about to head to a trip that will take me to Paris, Florence, Rome and London my thoughts about food are more focused on dinner than breakfast.  But I will share that in Paris I love crepes for breakfast and that I am most looking forward to starting each day in Rome with the crusty, air filled rolls I can only find in there.

Sometime its’ good to explore a little even to start the day.  Are you a strict traditionalist or an explorer first thing in the morning?

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