Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where are the 440?

If you had to book a flight to Sanaa, Lusaka or Belo where would you be going?  And what might take you there?
According to McKinsey & Co. these cities in Yemen, Zambia and Brazil are part of the 440 cities driving global growth that by 2025 – just eleven years from now – will be the “prime growth engine” for the world.

Two years ago in 2012 the McKinsey Global Institute published a report identifying 600 cities that they estimated would create nearly two thirds of global growth by 2025.  Within the 600 are the cities we expect:  London, New York, Los Angeles, Delhi, Seoul, Toronto, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.  But the majority, the 440, aren’t the familiar names highlighted in business headlines around the world.

This month September 2014 the McKinsey Quarterly  ran the “Management intuition for the next 50 years” as part of the celebration of their 50 years in business.

 This report included a reminder of the importance of the 440.  Cities we need to know.  That we may visit.  For vacation.  For business.  Cities that may be unfamiliar to us but are homes to our future clients, colleagues, competitors. 


Let’s pull out our world maps.  Discover new opportunities in new places.   Between now and 2015, if this report is correct, significant growth, economic development, will happen in many places.  Let’s be curious.  Extend ourselves, make new connections, enjoy learning about new places, meet new people.   How many of the 440 will you visit before 2025?

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