Sunday, September 21, 2014

This week the most important financial news in the U.S/ was the launch of a Chinese company on the New York Stock Exchange, unimaginable not too many years ago. But the financial news was the only recent reminder that important events and influences come from unexpected places. 

This month Harper's Bazaar an America fashion dating from 1867 added a more global view to the U.S. edition.  (They are already a global publication with editions published mainly in local languages in 31 countries including Bulgaria, Brazil, China, Poland, Kazakhstan, Greece, Vietnam and the UAE.)

They brought the world to the pages of their U.S. edition not simply by presenting a review of the fashion weeks in London or Paris or a story about an Italian fashion designer.  Rather under the headline Intercontinental Chic they presented full page spreads of design and culture in eight countries and locales.  There was no surprise to see  France, and England, but less expected were the others:   China, Brazil, India, Russia, the Middle East, and Japan.  (

This may simply be a recognition that their American readers understand that design, and trends, whether in fashion, furniture or food, emerge in many places.  Or it is a way to encourage their readers to expand their thinking.  Whatever the reason, it reminds us to be curious, to expect to find great things anywhere and everywhere in our world. 

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