Sunday, July 13, 2014

Where's the English?

English is the language of business.  Everyone speaks English.
Two familiar phrases which sometimes seem to be true.  But then one discovers.  Not always.

I was reminded of  this simple fact when I purchased a travel hair dryer while I was just in Paris.  Small.  Inexpensive.  With plugs that fit local outlets and electrical system appropriate for local voltage.  Cute, light weight and practical.

But when I skimmed through the instructions including a notice written in nine languages:   “do not use this device near bathtubs, showers,  and other items containing water” – I was surprised not to find a bit of English.    The  warning was clearly displayed in languages included French, Italian, Spanish, Estonian and Slovenia.  No English.

A gentle reminder from a small hair dryer -  English isn’t always everywhere. 

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