Saturday, June 7, 2014

If You Owned an Airline

Imagine that you owned an airline, any airline.  What would you do, what policies would you put in place?   What would you “correct”?    

When asked people often responded:

Bags would  fly free  for everyone (

Seats would grow, become bigger, with more legroom even in economy

Meals, tasty, healthy meals would be provided at all levels of service

And those are just the beginning of what people would do.  Practical things.  About being comfortable.  Not feeling asked to pay and then pay and pay again.

But those aren’t the only things that might happen.  There are other ideas  - some of which I discovered reading my friend Cheryl Sternman Rule’s blog this week.  Sheryl is the award winning writer of the blog  5secondrule.  Her a post this week was titled "If I Owned an Airline."- (   By the way, Sheryl is a food writer, cook book author and whenever she writes you get recipes as well as thought provoking commentary.  This week was no exception.

Her question, and comments inspired this post.  What did she say?  Here’s a sample.   For the full post click on the link above.

If I owned an airline, I'd give upgrades not just for miles flown, but for homework helped, groceries shopped, children hugged, and laundry done.

If I owned an airline, I'd stock the galley not with pretzels, but with slices of warm fruit tart bleeding cherries and peaches. I'd top them with snow-capped mountains of cool Greek yogurt, pass linen napkins and sturdy mugs of fresh-brewed tea. 

Read further and you’ll find more ideas plus a recipe so you can create the tart at home – not to feed your imaginary airline passengers but to feed your real friends and family.

If you owned an airline just imagine the unique, creative and world changing things you could do.  If you owned an airline.

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