Sunday, June 1, 2014

Discover the Food and Discover the Place

Going to World Cup?   Thinking about Brazil beyond the soccer stadium?   One way to explore a new place is by discovering  the local food.  Simple you say.  Check out a list of what the place is known for, find a restaurant that serves it and you’re set.   To start your World Cup list you might consult BuzzFeeds “24 Traditional Brazilian Foods You Need to Eat Right Now”
But if you want to discover not just new dishes but something of the history of the food itself, the local environment, and the people who create the food you might want to try a culinary tour of the city.  In Rio that could mean signing up with Eat Rio tours

But it isn’t just Rio that offers these tours  In July in Rome  I’ll do a Twilight Tasting tour offered by  Eating Italy (the offer tours in London and Amsterdam too),   Shanghai?  There’s UnTour, a culinary tour. Visiting Paris?  There’s Paris by Mouth( and Los Angeles offers Melting Pot tours

Where are you heading next?  Will you take a tour and what will you discover?

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