Sunday, March 9, 2014

Champagne in a vending machine?

This week’s trend newsletter from, a global trend service that covers 180 countries thanks to their 2,500 trend spotters,  included a description of a trend they call Heritage Heresy.  According to their research consumers no longer are captivated by the history of a brand.  Rather they want to see a brand break new ground.

Examples of that?   The one that caught my attention was LVMH’s Mote & Chandon now selling their champagne in vending machines in the United Kingdom. Champagne being dispensed out of a machine like Coca Cola or Evian water?  Really?

But that isn’t the only illustration of a brand doing something unexpected.   Moet Hennessey now produces a sparkling wine under their Chandon label in India (and here we thought it would only be special to California).  Marriott offers “workspace on Demand” offering work space in their lobbies even if you’re not staying there as a guest  and Versace creates designs with a British-Sri Lankan recording artist. 

New approaches from brands with lots of history.   Most interesting to me is the cross border connections, global collaborations.  A new trend, a new approach to global business for a new global consumer.  Where will you see the next example of Heritage Heresy?

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