Sunday, February 2, 2014

Want It-Order It- Get It Now

 “Google Grows Retail Service”  - That was the headline in a recent Los Angeles Times article ( made me think Google was joining Apple and Microsoft and opening a chain of retail stores.  But that’s not the case. But that wasn’t the issue.  Rather , the article about the proliferation of same day delivery service.    It began with Google pairing with a number of retailers in an experiment called Google Shopping Express   This follows services like Walmart to Go, and Amazon Fresh’s move toward same day delivery, even faster than Amazon Primes’s two day promise.

The services can be thought of as American’s Can Do attitude evolving to a Want It – Order It -Get-It-Now attitude.  Think about a product and it arrives at your door almost instantly.  Sounds great doesn’t it.  But may be it isn’t entirely perfect.

It occurs to me that the experience and expectation: Want it. Order it. Get it. Now. may have some unexpected consequences.  As we increasingly expect rapid response to our requests we may think that will occur in all aspects of our life.

And if we are doing business globally, that expectation is not likely to be met.  Already Americans are seen to be impatient, rushed, focused on time rather than people and projects.   No time to chat over lunch, no time for dinner, or a casual conversation to establish a connection.   If we try take our Want It. Order It. Get It. Now.

Attitude wherever we go I wonder we will find it more difficult to do business, not easier?  Will we be disappointed if we don't obtain instant results and walk away missing an excellent opportunity?    

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