Sunday, May 12, 2013

Google Glass: When You Wear Them

As the hot new tech item is appearing on the streets, questions about it are also emerging.   Not necessarily about functionality but rather on the human personal scale.  Beginning with whose been given access to them first? 
Why aren’t more women seen using them?  Why haven’t the test models for very earl adopters been made available to more women, to a more diverse population?  See Sarah Buhr’s May 10 article in USA Today.
But of even more interest to me is the question raised by Kevin Sintumuang in his recent Wall Street Journal article  Google Glass:  An Etiquette Guide.
Seldom do we see a headline that includes the word Etiquette and discover dozens of posts around the topic.  Yet with this new device how to be polite, respectful of other people and their privacy is top on the list of questions.  The  convenience  and possibilities for people who wear them (whether they look great or  geeky) are exciting.  But for those around them the reaction tends to words like sneaky, annoying, invasive come to mind.
Etiquette tips are already emergency:  Check out the 5 tips from Natalie Nichols at Payscale.
What will the rules be?  How will wearing them be accepted?  Who will be wearing them and will they be worn at work or only  in the privacy of ones home?

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