Sunday, May 5, 2013

Flying Away

“I tracked your flight to make sure you got home.” my friend said.  Really?  I thought.  How?
Simple it turns out.  The website Flight Aware  ( lets you watch a flight's progress from point to point.   Her comment piqued my curiosity.  So I checked out the site and found more than just a map to watch the progress of a flight.

In one simple display I could see what terminal  my LA to Paris flight leaves from – important in LA because Air Frances flies  in and out of two different terminals.  And learned that over the last seven days my flight averaged an eleven minute delay on departure  but arrived four minutes early.  Plus  the type of aircraft is listed allowing me to check on Seat Guru  ( to check the placement of my seat on that aircraft.  Helpful.

As I struggle to decide what to pack for 19 days in 4 very different places I discovered  a new (to me) weather site:  World Weather (  Their long term (14 day) weather forecast appears automatically.  Now I know I need a coat for Paris but not Madrid and in both places – having an umbrella is must. 

Next I’ll download WhatsApp ( so I can keep in touch.  

Pack. Fly. Text.   Travel today.

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