Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where Will I Shop?

Wondering where retailers are going to expand next?  To see what the next  hot spots might be consult The Global Retail Development Index created by AT Kearney,  ( the global consulting firm.

The report, started in 2002,  looks at macroeconomic trends as well as data that is especially important to retailers. It identifies and ranks the 30 developing countries that show the most potential for retail growth.

The top ten potential markets for 2012 include some familiar names (China, India, Brazil) and some not usually on the list of retail hot spots:  Georgia, at #6, Oman #8, and Mongolia #9.   These three countries were not even on the list last year.   It would be interesting to examine the numbers and discover what changed,  what is happening to move them into the top 10.

Skipping ahead on the list -  we find Botswana (also designated the Best New Market – Long Term Growth Potential ) at # 20.  Last on the list #30 was Tunisia.   In between there were countries from around the world.  Whether we are retailers or not this list is reminder that business opportunities occur in places that we might not expect.  Let’s see what country will make its first appearance on the list in 2013.

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