Sunday, January 13, 2013

What Should I Eat?

In January we are confronted with endless lists.  Ones that look back at the year just ended:  the top books, movies, news images, restaurants and more.  
Others look forward:  Go to the gym more, eat more veggies, less sugar, turn off email at least once a week, call our friends.   Familiar markers of the change of the calendar.

Today I came upon a new (to me) look at this year. A Food Horoscope. ( )Written by Rebecca Gordon a Manhattan-based astrologer, it is posted on the (  Ms. Gordon combines predictions for each of the astrological signs along with advice about what to eat.  Is Acquarius your sign?  Try toasted hazelnut salad.  Scorpio? Red lentils and kale with miso.    

Take a look and see if your favorite food is one of her recommendations for your sign.

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