Sunday, September 2, 2012

Driving from one meeting to another I turned on the radio in time to hear National Public Radio ( air a segment about Ghost Bikes. My first thought was that they were talking about bikes that floated through the air like an imaginary ghost of children’s stories.  But the story wasn’t that light hearted.  Rather it was a piece about the installation of a bike as a memorial to a New York bicyclist who had been killed. ( ) 

What interested me most was that Ghost Bikes  ( aren’t just located in New York.  These bikes, painted white, locked to a sign near a crash site, can be found in 180 locations in 26 different countries.   Among the countries - Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Brazil, Ecuador, Turkey, Singapore and New Zealand. 

It’s another example of how ideas, that start in one locale, can spread around the world touching people in multiple places.   I wrote before about the June celebration -  Fete de la Musique. Started in Paris in 1982 it now takes place in over 100 countries .  (   

Other music may appear at any time.  One day you may discover a piano sitting unguarded in a public place ready for you.  Thanks to Play Me I’m Yours/Street Pianos ( and local artists there have been 600 pianos placed in cities on five continents including Sao Paulo, Belfast, New York  and Tilburg.  Going to Perth, Cambridge or Hangzhou in September or October ?  You'll find pianos there.

Happy or sad ideas and activities spread around the world.  If you know of something similar send it in to add our collection.  Special things to look for as we work and travel.

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