Sunday, August 5, 2012

South Sudan One Year Old

One year and almost one month ago  (July 9, 2011) South Sudan officially became an independent nation.  The day was filled with hope and a sense of possibility for positive changes.  A year later there’s little good news.  According to a BBC  report ( ) there was an official parade marking anniversary with suitable ceremonies but the news behind the celebration was less joyful.  Tensions still exist with Sudan, their neighbor with whom they share a border and turbulent history.   Inflation is rising, oil revenues held up in a dispute with Sudan, and corruption still inhibits trade. 

Even the hopes for Olympic participation and success weren’t realized.  According to the South Malaysia Star, South Sudan’s Olympic athletes were ruled  ineligible to participate. -   A sober beginning to year two of this new nation. 

What we wonder lies ahead? Will July 9, 2013 be marked by true celebration of that new beginning envisioned a year ago or will we see another day with little reason to rejoice?  Let's hope for good news.

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