Sunday, September 19, 2010

National Football League Going Global

For the fifth year the National (US) Football League is playing a game outside the continental US.  In an effort to expand interest in the American style football (not to be confused with football known as soccer) the NFL has taken the game on the road.  On October 31 the San Francisco 49ers will play the Denver Broncos in London.
What began with a 2005  exhibition game in Mexico City is becoming a regular part of an NFL season.  This year's game is the fourth trip by the NFL to London and it is a regular season game, part of the march to the Super Bowl. 

This game is only part of the NFL’s strategy to build a global experience, expand the platform, fan base and interest in this classic American sport.   In July of this year NFL International (  announced that Lord Brian Mawhinney had been appointed special advisor to help guide the development of the league in Britain.  Now the NFL will be represented in the UK not by just one game in October but fulltime.

Another example of the continuing special relationship between the US and the UK.   What will come next?

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