Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doing business in Korea?

Did you know that you should not write Korean names in red, especially your important PowerPoint presentation? Traditionally, red was the color used to write the names of people who were deceased. Don’t start your meeting suggesting (even indirectly) that your clients are no longer alive.

If you’re doing business in Korea or planning to, if your new partners or clients are from Korea, you may want to check out It’s an on-line community focused on doing business in Korea. You’ll find articles, blog posts and tweets about current business activities plus lists of books about Korea and links to other sites. Currently they are hosting a 30 day business series that sends subscribers a daily e-mail with tips to help you navigate doing business in Korea.

Know the issues big and small that can build your success. What color ink to use, whether the family name comes first or last (first in Korea before the given name) and if the Free Trade Agreement is still alive (it is). Be prepared wherever business takes you.

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