Monday, March 29, 2010

Denim Everywhere

Paris the city of haute couture, global luxury brands and unknown creative designers is  also a city of a common piece of apparel:  Blue Jeans.  The very American gift to the world of apparel.  They are now most often referred to by the name of the material:  Denim.  Wherever you look there's a pair of jeans.  Denims.  Everwhere on everyone.  Even more than a year ago. At times it’s  hard not to stare as you check the details of a particularly interesting pair of jeans.   Pockets so low they are almost at the back of the knees.  A pattern woven into the fabric.  Sequins sprinkled down the legs. 

The languages spoken, the size, shape, color and age of the people wearing these pants  vary.   What they share is one element of the clothing.  In the museums, restaurants and on the streets it's jeans, old and new, distressed or ironed with sharp creases, expensive or not.  More than shoes or shirts, the blue jean has become the uniform of the world.  How many pairs are in your closet?

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