Saturday, September 13, 2008

Create a Cushion

When you’re planning your travels consider creating a cushion – not the kind you put your head on although that’s good but a cushion of time. Avoid having your blood pressure rise and sense of humor disappear when the rental car place in a airport you don’t know is a shuttle ride away, and the car you reserved isn’t there and the one they offer you doesn’t allow you to touch the pedals and then after you get your car, there’s an accident on the freeway on the way to your meeting.

A cushion would have allowed my friend to make her connecting flight instead, she believed the airlines that 35 minutes was enough time to connect between flights (I think it takes 20 minutes for people to get off the plane) and found herself on a different flight arriving at 1 AM not 5 pm. Big difference when you have a presentation to make the next day.

You can find a cushion to rest your head ( but the other cushion you have to create. Give your self a gift. Just as you pick your seat ( you can choose to create a cushion and make your travels just a little bit easier.

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