Monday, November 15, 2021

Calling Tokyo, San Jose, Phoenix, Atlanta


Four cities.  Four time zones. How to find a time to call that works for people in all four places??

It’s easy to figure out to call when considering just two cities.  A simple question to our friends at Google:  What time is it in Tokyo if it’s 10 am Monday in San Jose, California? will give you an idea if that’s a good time for a call.  The answer:  Probably not.10 am Monday in California is 3 am Tuesday in Tokyo.

However if you want a more complete answer, or if you are trying to set up a call between multiple cities in multiple time zones check out the Meeting Planner function at the site:   


In an instant you discover that 2 pm  Monday in California will be 3 pm in Phoenix, 5 pm in Atlanta and 9 am Tuesday in Tokyo.  That might work.  

 Don’t miss a meeting because the day and time are too confusing to figure out. Or annoy someone by suggesting a time that is midnight where they are.  Meeting times made easy.


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