Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Creating Safe Space: The Gift Exchange


I hadn’t ever thought of a gift as something that would create safe space between people.  That changed when I listened to Keith Lipert, of Keith Lipert Corporate Gifts (  He is an expert in the art and science of gift giving.  Having worked with the Protocol offices of several US Presidents, with other world leaders, heads of corporations, and other dignitaries – he knows the importance of and potential impact of gifts. 


Giving a gift he reminds us, creates a relationship between the giver and the recipient.  The exchange itself can create “safe space” because focuses the parties on their connection.  At that moment the only topic of importance is the gift, representing their connection.   Usually a neutral conversation occurs where the gift is explained:  why it was selected turning the conversation to something special about the recipient.  Polite.  Friendly.  Insightful (we hope).


How do you get to having that perfect gift, the one that starts the safe conversation you want to have?   Begin with answering Mr. Lipert’s  Six Questions for Selecting a Gift: 


Who is it for

Why is it being given

What’s the intended message

What have I given this person (or group)  before

How many of this gift do I need

What’s the budget


Six simple yet sometimes complicated questions whose answers can lead you to the gift that creates Safe Space in the moment of the exchange.


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