Monday, April 12, 2021

Yes, there is still Happiness in the World


 It’s hard to think in terms of happiness when we look back at 2020.  However --- it can be found.   Thanks to the Sustainable Development Solutions Network we know that there is Happiest Country in the World.    They recently issued their annual report,  announcing that Finland was the Happiest Country in the World.  (


They stated that:  “This year’s report focuses on the effects of COVID-19 on happiness and how countries have differed in their success in reducing the deaths and maintaining connected and healthy societies.”   Although the same five countries  rank as the happiest five whether looking at results covering 2018 – 2020 or only  2020, the rankings change slightly.  Either way Finland continues to rank #1 – Happiest country.


 2018-2020                   (2020 only)


1.     Finland                         (1)

2.     Denmark                      (3)

3.     Switzerland                  (4)

4.     Iceland                          (2)

5.     Netherlands                 (5)



You’ll find the details  of the 2021 report and those dating to 2013 by following this link:


(By the way, of the 149 countries in included in the report for 2018-2020 – in the top 20 are  Austria at 10, Ireland 15, the US 19 and Belgium 20.  At  149 is Afghanistan.)


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