Thursday, September 24, 2020

Going Somewhere Someday? Or Nowhere Now?


On September 16 the CEO of United Airlines, Scott Kirby, assured those attending a Politico live event that business travel will come back – eventually.  Maybe in a year, maybe two but it will be back. 

 However, some people just can’t wait to get on a plane and head somewhere. Anywhere.  Even nowhere.  For those people there are now flights they can take.   Described in Tariro Mzezewa’s article in the New York Time on September 19 (just days after the statement by the United CEO) airlines in Brunei, Taiwan, Japan and Australia are offering trips that begin and end at the same airport, without landing anywhere in between.

 Creative thinking to give work to airline employees?  Please clients? Reduce their frustration with the restrictions due the pandemic?  Or foolishness that increases air pollution?   The answer depends.  But one thing it tells us – is that there’s still a demand for air travel – and our hope is that it will grow and make Mr. Kirby’s prediction a reality.


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